Clinical Nutrition Center Project

1. Introduction
Nutritional support, antimicrobial agents, ICU, organ transplantation and cardiopulmonary bypass are considered the greatest achievements of the 20th century in medicine. In modern medicine, clinical nutrition support therapy show equal importance with medication, surgical treatment, the correct use of nutrition support therapy has become a vast number of health care workers who need to master important clinical skills. November 12, 2009, with the Ministry of Health, “Construction and Management Division of Clinical Nutrition Guide (Trial)” The implementation of the construction department of clinical nutrition at medium-sized hospitals have been put on the agenda.

There is a huge gap between China and developed countries in clinical nutrition. “Clinical Nutrition department construction projects” intend to learn the advanced techniques of modern nutrition, set up or standardized nutrition department by cooperated with hospitals, dedicate to find the path way in China, and promote the development of Chinese discipline of Clinical Nutrition, in order to provide benefit of the patient.

2. Funding object
General Hospital and Cancer Hospital

3. Application Grant Program
General Hospital and Cancer Hospital made requirement of building or cooperative management, fill the relevant application documents , the Asia-Pacific Cancer Research Fund organize the tumor and nutrition experts to review the project , Signed a cooperation agreement with the hospital after passing jointly launched cooperation projects.
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