I. About Us:
ASIA-PACIFIC CANCER RESEARCH FUND (HK) is devoted to the promotion of latest research and achievements on clinical studies of general tumor treatment, Integrative medicine, and nutrition support therapy.  We also provide support for the establishment of MDT or NST within medical institutions to help relieve tumor patients’ pain, improve-quality of life, promote the rehabilitation and extend their lives.

II. Our Aims:

Assist oncology research; promote patients’ rehabilitation

III. Chairman’s Address:

I hope our Fund provides physicians with the same faith a common ground for international cooperations on Western and traditional Chinese medicine oncology research so as to grant a great many patients help and support, pain relief and better living.

Shi Hanping

The First Affiliated hospital, Sun Yat-sen University, Surgery Department, Chief Physician
Fellow of American College of Surgeons
Chief member on the Oncology Nutritional & Supportive Treatment Committee of China Anti-Cancer Association
Chairman elect of the Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition Division of Chinese Medical Association (CMA)